This blog covers over-the-counter orthotics, which are simple, generic commercial devices that are purchasable from your local pharmacy store. These products are sold as shoe inserts and soles, as well as heel cushions and wedges.  They are commonly designed to alleviate pain and symptoms until the condition resolves on its own. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Orthotics are shoe inserts you can buy to provide extra cushioning and lift to your heel as well as removing any stress and protecting the plantar fascia against overstretching.



1.      Powerstep is a highly recommended line of commercial orthotics. Recommended by thousands of podiatrists to their patients, Powerstep uses a unique double-layer cushion casing to enhance comfort from heel to toe.  With the addition of an anti-microbial fabric covering, to reduce slipping and heat, the foot will stay steady and dry. The sturdy heel cradle and platform stabilizes and protects the heel during landing. The combination of cushioning, spring, and support virtually eliminates any “break-in” period.


Powerstep’s multiple style selections cover a variety of foot types as well as footwear, from casual shoes to dress shoes to athletic shoes with cleats.


2.      Superfeet features a wide variety of selections, offering models for virtually every size and type of feet as well as activity. The company actually began as a division of one of the world’s leading orthotic labs in the mid-70s before becoming a manufacturer. Superfeet insoles have moderate to extra-deep heel cups for cushioning and comfort, with an anatomical arch shape to accommodate most foot types.


Over-the-counter orthotics are easy to find in any pharmacies. If you feel that you need a little extra padding in your step these devices are for you. I always recommend getting Powerstep, because of its unique double-layer cushion casing. Superfeet is also an excellent brand choice. Their deep heel cups cushion your feet in an extra blanket to help shield them from hard surfaces.


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