At Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center, Dr. Kim and Dr. Bautista are a Team of Experienced Podiatrists Offer a Wide Range of Services Including Foot & Ankle Problems, Bunion Treatment, Ingrown Nails & Fungal Nail Infections, Arthritis Treatment, Diabetic Foot Pain Management & More.


From homeopathic injection therapy to herbal medicines and Acupuncture, we are strong advocates for holistic treatment wherever possible. We provide Platelet Rich Plasma injections, which are a safe and proven way to improve natural growth and repair chronic injuries.

Over the past century, our world has made incredible leaps in technology. This has resulted in better medicines, longer life, and in theory, improved health. But why, then, are so many people still constantly sick, going in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices like they’re on a never-ending merry-go-round, With all of the improved technology, why is our population getting sicker and sicker? Because modern medicine is focused on treating your symptoms, not the cause of your problem. Holistic podiatry takes a different approach.

At Kim Holistic Foot and Ankle Center, we look at the whole picture: we know that if your overall health improves, it is harder for the disease to live in your body. Our aim is to get rid of your foot problems, but we also help to get your body healthy and strong so that you will heal faster, and avoid injury in the future. We do this by combining the traditional solution of medicine and surgery to treat your symptoms, and functional medicine alternatives to increase your body’s natural power to heal and remove the cause of your problem.


Syringes full of pharmaceutical compounds probably aren’t your preference for injection treatment. Neither are they ours. Safe, natural homeopathic composites in injectable form are. Rather than just suppressing the symptoms (and possibly natural body functions), we use these chemical-free blends stimulate and support the physiologic pathways too, getting your body to heal faster, safer, naturally.


You may be surprised at just how big a role diet and nutrition plays in your health. All of the players are huge proponents of “right food as medicine.” We understand the human biology responds best to nutrients from a balanced diet supplemented with vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This is a major part of getting you back on the road to wellness and never look back. So significant, we may even prescribe this for your recovery from a foot and ankle trauma or surgery!


The actual term we use for this is Autologous Platelet Concentrate or APC. APC is made from your own blood after spinning a sample of it in the centrifuge. These concentrated platelets have a large number of growth factors inside each one. These natural growth factors heal damaged ligaments and tendons. The doctors at Kim Holistic Foot and Ankle Centers have been using APC to successfully treat chronic plantar fasciitis, tendoachilles tendon ruptures, and a wide range of soft tissue injuries.