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Frostbite and Your Toes: Mistakes to Avoid

When the wind chill factor is 18 degrees below zero, it only takes 30 minutes to contract frostbite! Because your body works hard to keep your internal organs warm, your extremities like your toes, fingers and the tip of your nose are often the first to be at risk for frostbite. Without proper blood flow, your underlying tissues can become frozen and severe frostbite means you run the risk of actually losing those affected areas!*

Protect your toes and your other high-risk extremities from frostbite by keeping them covered and dry. Frostbite can cause a loss of feeling in the affected areas and your skin may turn white and hard or even black; visit an emergency room immediately at the first sign of these symptoms.

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Photo | 205/365 F is for Feet and Freezing | ©stuartpilbrow on Flickr | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license

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