Foot Exercises for Hammertoes

A hammertoe is a foot condition in which the toe has an abnormal bend in the middle joint. Hammertoes can ...
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Let Your Kids Go Barefoot

When you let your kids go barefoot, you’re helping to strengthen their feet and improve their balance. Each foot has ...
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new shoes

Replace Your Shoes Often

The next time you want to treat yourself, consider buying a new pair of shoes. Not replacing your shoes is ...
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Heel Walking to Improve Balance

It is important to have good balance because good balance allows you to control and maintain your body’s position whether ...
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tie up shoes

Lace-up Shoes are Best

Lace-up shoes are the best and safest shoes for your feet. Flat shoes put too much strain on the Achilles ...
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Grow Your Brain by Walking

Walking and running generally require the same range of motion, except walking saves your bones and joints from hard impact ...
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Morning Exercises for Your Feet

Jumping right out of bed in the morning with stiff muscles can cause foot pain. To avoid pain and inflammation, ...
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Vitamin D May Reduce Risk of Stress Fractures

In order to absorb calcium and promote bone growth, your body needs vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D can ...
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Reduce Toenail Thickness

If your toenail is yellow or brown and thick, chances are you have a toenail fungus. If left untreated, your ...
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