Earlier this month Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center hosted nutrition expert Carolyn Fetters who spent time with patients talking about the science behind eating to lose weight and heal from the inside-out.

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Many people may think… “Nutrition? I don’t need that. I eat fine.”

But keep in mind – if you have extra weight to lose, health conditions that won’t go away, low energy, constantly getting sick, or have injuries or wounds that are slow at healing, your nutrition is probably a factor (if not the biggest one).

Good nutrition is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of one’s health. Your overall health is mostly determined by what you consume. Yet while most people have an idea of what healthy eating means, we often find it difficult to maintain healthy eating consistently throughout our lives.

This seminar will help fill in some of the gaps on how to feel satisfied by healthy and effective nutrition and be able to maintain it long-term. Even those who are very active and eat mostly healthy meals will have the opportunity to learn ways to improve their gym performances even more. We promise, no matter your situation, you will get a lot out of this presentation!

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