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Clean Your Closet and Help Someone in Need
20th Annual Shoe Drive in Long Beach

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During the mission trip, Dr. Kim with kids from Tijuana

Do you have gently used shoes in your closet or garage and do not know what to do with them? Let’s help shoeless kids and adults in Long Beach and Mexico.

“I make a mission trip to Tijuana each year to volunteer. One time when I was there, I met a 6 year old boy named Jose. Jose had no parents, and he had worn holes through the bottom of his shoes. Sadly, this is the case with many children in Tijuana. Some have no parents at all and some have parents who are working in America to try to make money for their families. Whatever the situation may be, the kids are all in desperate need of new shoes and are overjoyed when we give them a pair of the shoes we collected. This is what keeps me coming back each year.” Said Dr. S. Don Kim, who first started the Shoe Drive in Long Beach twenty years ago.

Also the Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center was donating thousands of shoes to homeless in Long Beach for many years.
“Four Saturdays a month we offer a hot shower, clean clothing, amenities, and a meal to our homeless friends. We serve from 75-100 at the showers, plus some who come for clothing only. Shoes are very popular. A big amount of gently used shoes we are getting from Dr. Kim’s Shoe Drive for over five years already.” says Gail, Outreach coordinator of Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church Shower Program.

This year, Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center continues hosting the 20th Annual Shoe Drive. It’s the one of the biggest Shoe Drive is in Long Beach.

“The idea was born in 1997 with a vision. While doing free podiatry care for the impoverished areas of Mexico, I noticed that many of the foot problems suffered by these patients could have been eliminated if they just had the proper protection — shoes!” Dr. S. Don Kim says. “So we are going strong and look forward for your donation.”

Come by the Kim Foot & Ankle Center and drop them off today! Or check out our website for more donation box locations and more information: We are planning to collect 20,000 pairs of shoes this year.

Shoe Drive

Our Shoe Drive Story

It started as a vision, while doing free podiatry care for the impoverished areas of Mexico, Dr. Kim noticed that many of the foot problems suffered by these patients could have been eliminated if they just had the proper protection — shoes!

In 1997, Dr. Kim decided that collecting used shoes from his patients and colleagues would be a great way to obtain shoes for those less fortunate in Mexico and Los Angeles. Then the idea of the Kim Foot & Ankle Shoe Drive was born!

The purpose of the shoe drive has also been, that no person, regardless of age, race, gender, or income level, be without a decent pair of shoes.

Shoe drive steps up to help needy in Long Beach


About 19th Annual Shoe Drive!


3 Ways to Get Involved:


  1. DONATE SHOES: Clean out your closets and donate your old or unused shoes. Simply drop them off at one of our Collection Sites

  2. DONATE TIME: Help us sort and pick up shoes from locations. Be a volunteer during the Fair. Move shoes during the Fair.

  3. DONATE MONEY: Make a monetary donation so that KFAC can purchase shoes for those in need. Be a designated drop off site. We provide you with a bin to collect shoes at your place of business.

Our Annual Shoe Drive is going strong and we look forward to collecting even more            shoes this year!

If you have any ideas or questions, please contact Kim Foot & Ankle Center at
(562) 426-2551.

Pick up shoes from locations. Sort shoes. Be a volunteer during the Fair (August 20). Move shoes during the Fair (August 20)
Visit us: 701 E 28th St. #111, Long Beach, CA 90806

Donation Locations. Click here 




shoe drive (3)

 Dr. Kim on Air: radio interview.
Dr. Kim talked about foot and ankle problems.

Also doctor spoke about his vision of “No Shoeless person in the world”.
KFRN – 1280 AM Family Radio

19th Annual Shoe Drive in Long  Beach!

An awesome party with generous people, many donations, fun games and delicious food. How else could I describe our 19th Annual Shoe Drive celebration in Long Beach.

We collected thousands of shoes for those in need.
A big Thank you to all 100 locations and everyone that was kind enough to take the time to contribute this year!
The charity event couldn’t have happened without my wonderful TEAM. I’m happy to say that we are one step closer to reaching our goal of one day seeing a world without shoeless people.
Over the course of these 19 years, we have collected almost 100,000 pairs of shoes. And we’re not stopping there 






Donate Your Gently Used Shoes to One of Long Beach’s Biggest Shoe Drives This Summer

Kim  Holistic Foot & Ankle Center has started its 19th Annual Shoe Drive, one of the largest of its kind in the city.
The center has brought the Long Beachused shoes community together for nearly 20 years for the sake of helping those a little less fortunate.
People have already donated 1,000 pairs of shoes and counting to the center,
the result of Dr. Kim’s decision to start collecting shoes from his colleagues in 1997 to help those in need in Mexico and Los Angeles.
This year, Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center will have a Shoe Drive Health Fair.
The Charity Event will start at 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 20th.
The organizers invite everyone to bring their gently used shoes to donate for those in need.
The purpose of the shoe drive has also been that no person,
regardless of age, race, gender, or income level, be without a decent pair of shoes.


  • Family fun in the sun
“We are planning to have an exciting day with fun games.F2OWhyShoesshoe drive
You can play Bubble Soccer and the Pony Hops Derby Race Track.
We will also have a Watermelon Eating Contest, Water Balloon Toss, Tug-of-war,
and Samba Dancers.
I invite everyone to join our Fair. Bring your family to have fun in the sun and get
a free delicious meal
in exchange for pair of shoes,” said Dr. S. Don Kim. 

Dress Code: favorite sport team’s T-shirt.
“The purpose of the shoe drive has
also been that no person, regardless of age, race, gender,
or income level, be without a decent pair of shoes,” Dr. Kim stated.
Our 19th Shoe Drive is going strong and we look forward
to your donation. We are planning to collect 20,000 pairs of shoes this year.”
For more information about the shoe drive and Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center,
visit the Facebook page here.
WHERE? 701 E 28th St. #111, Long Beach, CA 90806
WHEN? August 20, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.


For the past six years,13-year-old Monica Hyndman has been collecting shoes for Donate Monica and Dr Kimthose in need in Long Beach. Hyndman is the number one shoe collector of the drive and spreads awareness for the cause during her regular school year.

The teenager was in Guatemala when she noticed a girl walking down the street without shoes, when it sparked an empathetic response. When she returned home to California, she decided to do something about it.

“My mom told me about the Shoe Drive that Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center organizes every year in Long Beach,” Hyndman stated. “It was a great opportunity to join a great team and start to donate. It is a wonderful feeling to help others.”

Monica is our #1 shoe collector,” stated Dr. S. Don Kim, who started the shoe drive. “She involved her friends and family and together they collected more than 8,000 pairs of shoes. She is making the announcement at her school so kids can bring shoes that they no longer need.”

18th Annual Shoe Drive

Thank you to all who participated in our 18th Annual Shoe Drive!

It was a great success!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our 17th annual shoe drive and helped us make a difference to those in need. We really strive to have “No Shoe-Less Person in the World” and without everyone’s help and dedication we could never make all this possible.



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 Previous Shoe Drives

15th Annual Shoe Drive & Fiesta

14th Annual Shoe Drive & KFAC 20th Birthday Fiesta

An amazing turnout this year with even more to celebrate. August 10th we had lots of food, drinks, gift drawings, participant recognition certificates, live music by “Cathedral” and even a Birthday Pinata for the kids. Check out some of our snap shots of the fun…

13th Annual Shoe Drive FIESTA!

August 11th a colorful Fiesta celebrated the completion of the 13th Annual Kim Foot and Ankle Centers Shoe Drive, at the Atlantic Ave office in Long Beach. Community businesses, patients, friends and family all joined in the fun. Everyone enjoyed a free lunch of tasty Mexican food from Los Pollos donated to the charity foundation by local health care vendors.

A raffle to benefit the KFAC Charity Foundation added even more fun to the Fiesta!

We raffled off:
Himalayan Salt Lamp – won by John U.
9 Secrets of Health book – won by James V.
9 Secrets of Health CD – won by Sandra P.
Kim Foot and Ankle mug – won by Maria B.
Kim Foot and Ankle mug – won by Sandy R.
Shoe drive t- shirt – won by Mary C.
Shoe drive t-shirt – won by Eunice K.
9 secrets of Health t-shirt – won by Rebecca S.
9 secrets of Health t-shirt – won by May P.
Foot Rubz – won by Shanna S.

At the end of the Fiesta the Christian Outreach in Action, Community Advocate Program Services, Guam Communication, L.A. Community Services and the L.A. Homeless Ministry picked up and transported all the shoes collected to those in need.

A huge thank you goes to the terrific organizations that helped so much serving as drop-off sites for KFAC’s 13th Annual Shoe Drive:

  • Turner Chiropractic
  • Bodell’s Shoe Store
  • Foot Solutions
  • Community Grace Brethren Church
  • Mr & Mrs. Day Spa
  • UPS Store – Spring St.
  • Advanced Wellness
  • 1st Bank and Trust
  • Columbia Pediatrics
  • Liberty Pacific Imaging
  • Bixby Knolls Church
  • California Height United Methodist Church
  • Long Beach 1st Nazarene Church
  • Dr. Jean Fu
  • Long Beach Memorial Cardiac Rehab Center
  • The Lumbar Yard – Chiropractic

12th Annual Shoe Drive a Huge Success!

Thousands of People Now Have Shoes on Their Feet

It was another extremely successful year for the 12th Annual Kim Foot and Ankle Centers Shoe Drive.

With all the help of our friends, families, patients, and local businesses, we were able to collect over 10,000 pairs of shoes! Because of all the hard work from everyone we decided to celebrate Mardi Gras style. Everyone who entered our office had the pleasure of being draped with beads, wigs, and hats of various styles.

On August 12th before our local charities came to pick up their shoes, we were all treated to a wonderful free lunch that was donated by our gracious vendors Rebecca, Michael, Sonny, Lauren and Chris. We were treated to some delicious food from Fortune Cookie while we were entertained by music and conversation.

After our meal we all gathered outside around a huge mountain of shoes! Dr. Kim discussed his passion for this project he has been doing for 12 years. We were also able to meet local businesses who helped with our success. At the end of the presentation we met all the local charities who will be taking our donated shoes to give to those who are in extreme need of them.

A special thank you to all participants and to the charities for keeping this program alive and kicking every year. It gives us all a great feeling to know we are helping many people of all ages to have shoes on their feet. We look forward to making next year even more successful.

We would like to recognize all the wonderful, caring facilities and people that had boxes at their locations to collect shoes. We also had many people who volunteered to drive and pick up shoes from these locations and drop them off to us. Without all of you, the shoe drive wouldn’t have been so successful!

  • James Miller
  • Kristi Limkeman-Scott
  • Power of One Karate
  • Community Grace Brethren Church
  • Advanced Wellness Center
  • Mr & Mrs Day Spa
  • Columbia Pediatrics
  • US Post Office – Donna King
  • Keenan & Associates
  • Da Hawaiian Senior Club
  • Long Beach First Nazarene Church
  • Eric Limkeman
  • Bodel Shoe Store
  • Liberty Pacific
  • Foot Solutions
  • Curves for Women
  • Turner Chiropractic
  • Dr. Sherman
  • Home Depot
  • Timco
  • UPS Store
  • 1st Bank and Trust

We also want to thank our local charities that came to pick up our collected shoes to give out to those in need. Year after year these charities continue to give to the community by placing shoes on adults and children’s feet.

  • Community Advocate Program Services
  • Christian Outreach in Action
  • Guam Communications
  • Baptist Church

11th Annual Shoe Drive!

Another successful year for the Kim Foot and Ankle Center’s, Annual Shoe Drive! For our 11th year we managed to collect over 8,000 shoes! We could not have done this without all the wonderful donations from our patients, friends, family, and our generous drop off sites.

To kick off our shoe donation, we had a special Donation Celebration, Hawaiian Style! We decorated our office for a luau; our staff wore Hawaiian print scrubs and Hawaiian shirts, everyone received and wore leis; we had Hawaiian music playing inside and outside of our office. Our staff served wonderful Hawaiian food and desserts to everyone in attendance. It was a perfect day filled with sunshine, smiles, shoes, and success.

After a wonderful meal and a few words from Dr. Kim, and our sponsors, we all got together to capture the event! Thank you all for attending!
A special thank you goes out to all offices who volunteered to have a box at their residence or place of business. Without you, we would never have had the great success! Thank you again!

  • Turner Chiropractic
  • Curves for Woman
  • Mr .and Mrs. Day Spa
  • Dr. Gregg Campbell
  • Liberty Pacific
  • Columbia Pediatrics
  • Fitness Impact
  • Madison Elementary School
  • Bodell’s Shoe Store
  • Foot Solutions
  • Beach Physical Therapy
  • UPS Store
  • Bixby Knolls Church
  • Long Beach Medical Imaging
  • Cub Scout Pack 208
  • California Heights United Methodist Church
  • Community Grace Brethren Church
  • 1st Bank and Trust
  • Advanced Wellness
  • Mark Twain Elementary School
  • Long Beach 1st Nazarene Church
  • Dr. Sherman and Dr. Goines’ Office

Several charities were on hand to collect shoes. A special thank you to all of you who collected shoes for men, women, and children.

  • Christian Outreach Appeal
  • We Care
  • Community Advocate Program Services
  • Guam Communication
  • First Baptist Church

Earlier Shoe Drives

Group photo from our 2007 Shoe Drive presentation.
Dr. Kim w/ Pastor Mario Galvez from Phantom of Hope Church in Tijuana Mexico who donated his time transporting the shoes that we collected.
Our 1st Shoe Drive, we collected 5,000 pairs of shoes to go to Mexico! We have since grown to collecting over 10,000 pairs of shoes each year. Half of the shoes collected now are distributed among our local charities, and the other half are taken down to Mexico.
Our Shoe Drive kicks off in May when our Shoe Drive Sponsors place a “Shoe Collection Bin” in their place of business for shoe donations. We gladly accept all new and used shoes in all sizes and styles.
For three months, the Shoe Drive Team makes weekly trips to our sponsors to collect the shoes donated. Sometimes we visit our sponsors several times a week to collect shoes!
Various businesses in Long Beach are participating sponsor in the Shoe Drive.
We collect shoes until our storage unit is filled to the ceiling!
After 3 months of collections, KFAC throws a Shoe Donation Celebration and Foot Festival!
Local Charity Representatives from His Nesting Place, The Salvation Army, For the Family, Angels Step In, and Child Net are always grateful to receive shoes.
At the Foot Festival we also enjoyed a Health Fair with many of our Shoe Drive Sponsors hosting information booths from Chiropractic care to Massage Therapy to Acupuncture. We even had Tai Chi demonstrations!
For his Contributions to the City of Long Beach, Dr. Kim has been honored by Mayor Beverly O’Neil!
The 2006 9th Annual Shoe Drive collected over 10,000 pairs of shoes! Thank you to everyone that contributed to the Shoe Drive and a special thanks to all of our Shoe Drive sponsors!
The KFAC Shoe Drive featured in the Long Beach Press Telegram.
In 2007 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary of the shoe drive.

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