Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center

701 E 28th St. #111, Long Beach, CA 90806

What is Holistic Podiatry?

Over the past century, our world has made incredible leaps in technology. This has resulted in better medicines, longer life, and in theory, improved health. But why, then, are so many people still constantly sick, going in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices like they’re on a never-ending merry-go-round, With all of the improved technology, why is our population getting sicker and sicker? Because modern medicine is focused on treating your symptoms, not the cause of your problem. Holistic podiatry takes a different approach. At Kim Holistic Foot and Ankle Center, we look at the whole picture: we know that if your overall health improves, it is harder for disease to live in your body. Our aim is to get rid of your foot problems for sure, but we also help to get your body healthy and strong so that you will heal faster, and avoid injury in the future. We do this by combining the traditional solution of medicine and surgery to treat your symptoms, and functional medicine alternatives to increase your body’s natural power to heal and remove the cause of your problem.