Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center

701 E 28th St. #111, Long Beach, CA 90806
Jesse H.

Jesse H.

They care about you as a person, not just another workmens comp income. I get to talk to the doctors and staff about my life on how it affects me in my daily life, how hard it is and what I can do to keep my mind full of the place I work and where I live. Not just walk upright but to walk healthier in my life and with what I learn from Dr. Kim and the staff.  I take that every day in mind to teach and show and know what to do in case an injury happens to most any one, big or small.

Here you’re family for better or worse, some times it gets worse before it gets better but I have learned the pain for worse does not last forever. Sometimes God slows us down to come to know that he’s there and what we’re missing in life, not  just to live in the world but to love and live and be a part of the world. I trust them with my daughter, that should tell you a lot. God’s gift to my family.

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