Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center

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Holistic Treatments


Homeopathic Injection Therapy

Syringes full of pharmaceutical compounds probably aren’t your preference for injection treatment. Neither are they ours. Safe, natural homeopathic composites in injectable form is. Rather than just suppressing the symptoms (and possibly natural body functions), we use these chemical-free blends stimulate and support the physiologic pathways too, getting your body to heal faster, safer, naturally.


Autologous Platelet Concentrates (APC) or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

The actual term we use for this is Autologous Platelet Concentrate, or APC. APC is made from your own blood after spinning a sample of it in the centrifuge. These concentrated platelets have a large amount of growth factors inside each one. These natural growth factors heal damaged ligaments and tendons. The doctors at Kim Holistic Foot and Ankle Centers have been using APC to successfully treat chronic plantar fasciitis, tendoachilles tendon ruptures, and a wide range of soft tissue injuries.


Herbal & Nutritional Medicines

You may be surprised at just how big a role diet and nutrition plays in your health. All of us here are huge proponents of “right food as medicine.” We understand the human biology responds best to nutrients from a balanced diet supplemented with vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This is a major part of getting you back on the road to wellness and never look back. So significant, we may even prescribe this for your recovery from a foot and ankle trauma or surgery!



We offer the traditional Chinese therapy of acupuncture in-house, too, to both relieve and treat your foot and ankle pain. Despite the thin needles inserted to stimulate the flow of energy through your body’s main pathways, it’s completely painless. It’s one of the safe components we practice in our brand of holistic podiatry to help stand you back on your feet.

Coming Soon: K Wellness Supplements, Health and Wellness Seminars, “Walking Cure”- 9 week Program, and Health & Wellness Books