Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center

701 E 28th St. #111, Long Beach, CA 90806

What is a SuperSpecialist?

A doctor who focuses on a particular area of podiatric medicine and also seeks out new information in that area during his or her career.

How do you educate your patients?

Teaching is a top priority at KFAC. Dr. Kim has been conducting educational seminars for our patients and surrounding communities for many years.

What is the annual KFAC shoe drive?

Since 1997 KFAC has been collecting shoes and donating them to local charities and to Mexico. We collect used unwanted, wearable shoes for people that do not have any.

How do you serve your patients?

KFAC thrives on the “going the extra mile” service mentality. We always try to do more than expected and always anticipate their foot care needs. We have a large stock of durable medical equipment. We also maintain the Kim Foot Store an in-office retail area that sells all our doctor recommended products. If there is anything we do not carry we also have an online store which carries hundreds of supplies that patients can order right from home.

Our staff also makes additional appointments for our patients. If you are in need of a service we do not provide such as MRI, CT, nerve testing, vascular testing, or need another consulting doctor, we make the appointment for you.

We are also open the first Saturday of the month to accommodate those who cannot take time off work during the week.

What are some valuable services you provide?

Our offices provide many services in addition to basic foot care. Since 1995, KFAC has been helping patients with personal and work related injuries. All of our doctors are qualified medical evaluators, or QME’s. We are well versed in the legal ramifications of work-related injuries and specialize in getting the work force back on the job as soon as possible after an injury. In addition all of our doctors are EDD evaluators for the state of California.

What type of payments do you accept and do you finance?

We accept cash, credit card, debit card, check and care credit.

You can sign up for care credit in our office.

What types of insurance do you take?

All PPOs except UFCW and Medicare are accepted at our office.

What HMOs do you currently take?

We currently belong to Regal IPA, St. Mary IPA, and Avante Best Care.

How much is an office visit?

Initial cash office visits are $105 (does not include x-rays). Initial insurance office visits are $120 (does not include x-rays).

Do you do x-rays in your office?

Yes we do.

What days can I schedule Physical Therapy?

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Are your doctors board certified?

All of our doctors are board certified.

Do you perform treatment on a patient’s first visit?

Yes, we perform treatments on the first visit.

What types of problems do you treat?

We treat anything that has to do with the foot and/or ankle.

What is the most common condition you treat?

By far heel pain, frequently called plantar fasciitis.