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Our dedication to knowledge makes us special. Each of our doctors at KFAC is a SuperSpecialist in a different field of podiatric medicine. A SuperSpecialist is a doctor who not only focuses on a particular area of podiatric medicine, but who also seeks out new information in that area during his or her career. Learning about the latest technology is very important because it ensures that we are on the cutting edge of medical advances.

In our practice, Dr. Kim is a SuperSpecialist in reconstructive ankle surgeries, Dr. Bautista is a SuperSpecialist in podiatric sports medicine and related surgeries, and Dr. Yoon is a SuperSpecialist in diabetic wound care and limb salvage.

All the doctors at KFAC treat all aspects of podiatric conditions, but they consult one another on challenging cases. It is a tremendous advantage to have SuperSpecialists available within our own group; we have access to expert opinions for any foot problem you might have.

Dr. Kim

Dr. Bautista


"No Shoeless Person in the World"

It started as a vision, while doing free podiatry care for the impoverished areas of Mexico, Dr. Kim noticed that many of the foot problems suffered by these patients could have been eliminated if they just had the proper protection — shoes!

In 1997, Dr. Kim decided that collecting used shoes from his patients and colleagues would be a great way to obtain shoes for those less fortunate in Mexico and Los Angeles. Then the idea of the Kim Foot & Ankle Shoe Drive was born!

The purpose of the shoe drive has also been, that no person, regardless of age, race, gender, or income level, be without a decent pair of shoes.