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Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries

The ankle sprain is the most common athletic injury. It occurs when the ligaments are stretched or torn, in which case the outside or lateral ankle is almost always sprained. The ankle becomes tender, swollen, and discolored. Repeated ankle sprains may cause instability of the ankle interfering with walking or sporting activities.

Treatment: Initially the sprained ankle should be treated with rest, ice compression, and elevation (R.I.C.E.). For people with chronic ankle instability, surgery may be needed to tighten the stretched ligaments. Ankle fractures may be hard to distinguish from sprains; therefore, x-rays are always needed.

Arthroscopy of the Foot & Ankle

Technology and unique instrumentation have led to the development of surgical techniques for the diagnosis and repair of joint disorders. Arthroscopic surgery may be recommended to confirm a diagnosis or perform a surgical procedure within a joint using an arthroscopic instrument. Arthroscopy uses small openings, delicate instruments and miniature cameras. These instruments include cutting tools, burrs, graspers, shavers, fastening tools, sutures, laser and electrocautery to control bleeding.

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